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3.3KW Fan-Cooled on board battery charger

Basic charging devices give AC power to your car. All electric cars have a built-in, on-board charger that turns this AC into DC power and transmits it to the car battery. On-board charger has a maximum capacity depending on the car, meaning they can transfer electricity to the battery with a limited power.It can be used to cycling charge and electric motorcycle, floating charge the battery in electric car, patrol car,sightseeing car, forklift, electric power ship,communication,etc.

On board battery charger Specifications 

Input Voltage Range:          90-265VAC

Output Voltage:                    72VDC/144VDC/320VDC/384VDC (Custom-made is acceptable)

Max Output Power:              3.3KW

Low-voltage output voltage: 13.5V (Optional)

Low-voltage Output Current: 4A (Optional)

High Efficiency:                      ≥94%

IP Level:                                IP54 

Communication Interface:     CAN2.0 

Product Size:                         288*195*124mm

Product Weight:                      ≤7kg